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Sometimes the world needs someone to watch over them by avoiding to make accidents. That is the reason why they called you to keep an eye on every car the traffic is showing. Can you do it? These traffic games charges you with the task of keeping the traffic flowing on a busy junction and preventing crashes. Vehicles approach the crossroad from all directions and you can speed them to the other side. You can make them stop simply by tapping on them. For every vehicle that makes it to the other side, you score a point. If there's a crash, the game ends. 
It’s Monday morning, a new week, when people have to get back on track with their schedules and get to work or take their children to school. With this said the city can get pretty crowded at rush hour so your task will be to generate the traffic so that everybody gets in time safe and sound. Share our games from among your friends and let's see which one is a better overseer and win the game.

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