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Did you knew that Tetris was designed  and programmed by a Russian game designer? You do know! Tetris is one of the best old games you can ever play. It's easy and fun for everyone! Tetris is now considered worldwide computer game legends, has now sold over 100 million copies, has received many awards and has been published for more than 65 computer platforms. The Tetris game principle is based on the puzzle Pentomino on. In contrast to this, Tetris has only seven instead of twelve forms. This always made up of four squares composite shapes are often referred to with the Latin letters, which they resemble. While I , O and T are symmetrical, there is in the forms Z and L two mirror image versions ( J / L and S / Z ), resulting in the total number shown results of seven shapes in Tetris. Share our games from among your friends and see which one of you can get a higher score. Enjoy!

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