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Samurai were the military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan. Playing the role of someone who is so respectful like this, you can see what a truly samurai does for it's living. We have a great collection of samurai games in which you fight with all kinds of rebellions that start against your lord. 
From here, you can learn good tactics of fighting whit honor but in the same time making people be scare of your attacking moves. You have to move fast, attack with precision and be like lightening that passes by them. By the time you finish playing samurai games you will be able to handle your sword like a pen on a paper. You would like that, right? No time for you to wait! Good luck!

Confira estes Samurai Games listados na página 1. Temos um total de 22 Samurai Games e os mais populares são: Samurai Jack: The Amulet Of Time, Samurai Jack: Code Of The Samurai, Hero 2: Katana, e muitos outros jogos grátis. Esta página lista os jogos de 1 a 22. Esta lista de Samurai Games recebeu uma classificação de 4.13 / 5.00 de 1266 votos.