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Zombie Choppa
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Zombie Choppa

Zombie Choppa


Avaliação: 4.1
Play the latest and the most fun epic survival apocalyptic zombie games like Zombie Choppa and rescue as many survivors with your chopper.

Play the latest and the most fun epic survival apocalyptic zombie games online for free on Try this great 3D game where instead of shooting like in all the zombie games you are here to play like a pilot. Your driving skills are needed to save the last survivors that have taken refuge on the top of the tall building from the cities.
Make sure you take control of the helicopter and try to steer it between the tall buildings and land on the red mark buildings with smoke. You have several challenging missions but your main mission is to airlift citizens out of the city to escape the approaching zombies!
Try to land fast and take off faster with the people because zombies will jump on the chopper and overweight it to take down and kill you and the survivors. On the game interface, you will see how many people you have to save or how many people have jumped on the helicopter. The fuel tank and damage for the chopper. Try to take several times refugees from the same zone and go back to base to repair the chopper and refill it with fuel to be able to survive.
Enjoy this epic fun survival game that is similar to the helicopter zombie jumping scene from the movie World War Z! Good luck and have fun!
  • Great graphics and scenes relating to a place during a zombie apocalypse time.
  • You can choose to steer the chopper with the keyboard or the mouse.
  • Rating system to see how good you were after each level.
  • A lot of rescue missions in day and night time.
  • Easy controls and fun to play!

Data de lançamento: May 2018

Desenvolvedor: Zombie Choppa foi desenvolvido por Xform