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Avaliação: 4.4
Play right here at completely free of charge. Collect resources and survive long enough to have your own dinosaur!

If you're looking to play an io game online then has exactly what you need! Right now at, you can play which is a multiplayer io game where you have to survive the longest on a map filled with players from all around the world. is one of the coolest multiplayer online games because if you survive long enough you get to ride your own dinosaur and charge at everything around you. First, you must collect, among other resources, dinosaur eggs and last long enough in this survival game for the dino to hatch. Once that happens you gain the advantage over other players. Has this sparked your interest? Then click play and see how long can you survive in the wilderness!
  • 2D graphics
  • Survival gameplay mechanics
  • Easy to learn controls
  • You get to ride a dinosaur

Data de lançamento: September 2020

Desenvolvedor: foi desenvolvido por Lapamuave

#dinosaur#dinosaurs#ride#nature#wildlife#wild#wild animals#survive#survivor#survive#shooter#axe#eggs#webgl