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Tomb Raider Online
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Tomb Raider Online

Tomb Raider Online


Avaliação: 3.7
Explore the cave, solve the puzzles, and dodge all traps in this online web version of the classic Lara Croft game Tomb Raider: Open Lara!

You're going on a new adventure side by side with Lara Croft! Tomb Raider Online is ready to be played here on The gameplay takes place in ruins across four locations: Peru, Greece, Egypt, and Atlantis.
The player must navigate Lara through these ruins in search of three Scion artifacts. The game is presented from a third-person perspective with the camera following directly behind Lara. She has an array of moves and abilities which she can use to navigate tricky platforming obstacles, combat indigenous wildlife, and solve puzzles. Some of these basic skills include running, jumping, dive rolls, scaling ledges, swimming, and firing weapons.
Lara has two stances that she can flip between; holding weapons and not holding weapons. In her weapon stance, she can fight her enemies but must put them away to pull switches and climb ledges.
Her default weapons are the dual pistols, which have infinite ammo, but she can also use dual magnums, dual uzis, and a shotgun.

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