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Tiny Dungeons

Tiny Dungeons


Avaliação: 4.9
Are you ready to pass the trials and challenges of Tiny Dungeons? Click play and find out right here at!

Are you a fan of platformer games? Do you enjoy a good side scroller from time to time? Are you a fan of indie gaming? Then you've come to the right place! Here at, you can play a wide variety of games including this indie game: Tiny Dungeons. This game will test your reaction speed, coordination, and memory. The game feels like an arcade game, you get three lives, and if you lose them all you have to restart from the beginning of the level. As you navigate through the game's levels you'll find out you can double jump. Use it carefully, sometimes you may jump too far and land on spikes instead of a safe place. The game is challenging but fun and it will keep you at the edge of your seat. If you're up for a challenge hit the play button and let's go!
  • Pixel graphics
  • Easy to master controls
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Improves hand-eye coordination

Data de lançamento: January 2021

Desenvolvedor: Tiny Dungeons foi desenvolvido por Kiz10

#pixel#jump#avoid#avoid obstacle#spikes#spike#platform#platformer#arcade#run#adveture#kiz10#webgl