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Shaun The Sheep Chick N Spoon

Shaun The Sheep Chick N Spoon


Avaliação: 4.9
Shaun the Sheep Chick n Spoon is a fun arcade game where you must run as fast as you can while being careful not to break the egg you're carrying.

Are you a fan of Shaun the Sheep movies? Have you ever wanted to play a game featuring Shaun the Sheep? If the answer is yes then this runner game is perfect for you. Help Shaun the Sheep in the egg and spoon race, make sure he doesn't get stuck in the mud, or loses the eg whenever he jumps. At some point during the race, your egg is going to hatch, and then you'll have a chicken in a spoon that can jump, make sure you don't lose it. Shaun the Sheep Chick n Spoon is an arcade game that's easy to play and it's perfect for casual gamers that just want to play something fun in their spare time. If you liked this game and want to play more running games make sure to check out our games category, we add new games every day so you can be sure to find something that fits your gaming preferences. Click play and join the fun!
  • Good looking graphics
  • Smooth animations
  • Easy to learn and play

Data de lançamento: March 2021

Desenvolvedor: Shaun the Sheep Chick n Spoon foi desenvolvido por Agame

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