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Pichon The Bouncy Bird

Pichon The Bouncy Bird


Avaliação: 4.9
Pichon The Bouncy Bird is a fun 2D puzzle platformer where you control a chubby bird and solve puzzles to get to the next level.

Do you like platformers? Are you on the lookout for the newest side-scrolling games? If so then we have just the game for you: Pichon The Bouncy Bird. In this side scroller, you control a chubby bird that bounces around. You have to navigate through the levels, avoid traps, find out which surfaces make you bounce and which not and collect all the crystals, they are necessary to open the gate to the next level. The levels are easy at first but they get more challenging as you progress through the game, the crystals are more tricky to find and get, there are more traps, and so on. Pichon The Bouncy Bird is a fun game with easy-to-learn controls, pixel art style graphics, and fun gameplay. If you're looking for a game to play in your spare time then Pichon The Bouncy Bird is a perfect choice. If you liked this game and want to play more check out our ever-growing online games collection, who knows, maybe your next favorite game is just a few clicks away!
  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Good level design
  • Fun and challenging gameplay

Data de lançamento: March 2021

Desenvolvedor: Pichon The Bouncy Bird foi desenvolvido por Red Mage Games

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