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Avaliação: 4.9
Enjoy the action online in this multiplayer io game called Where you must survive the endless zombies and other players online. Level up!

If you are looking for a classic survival game of zombies but a little different from the casual survival action pack games. Then here on, we have prepared this multiplayer game. In you will respawn in the middle of the action take notice around you fast and shoot to kill all that moves to survive. Your ammo is infinite so don't stop shooting!
Kill all the waves of zombies that are trying to kill you and the respawning player on the map. The longer you stay on the map without dying the more powerful guns you will get. If your life bar gets low just try to run away from the action you will heal in time. Enjoy the game in high-quality mode and have fun with this pixel side view classic challenge! Also, try other similar multiplayer io games online here on

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