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Merge Dungeon

Merge Dungeon


Avaliação: 4.9
Merge Dungeon is a puzzle adventure game where you'll have to manage your weapons and upgrade them as you go.

Merge Dungeon is a puzzle adventure game where you'll have to manage your weapons and upgrade them as you go.

Are you looking all over the internet for adventure games that you can play in your spare time? How about Merge Dungeon, a game where your task is to manage and keep improving your weapons and armour as you keep fighting through all sorts of monsters? Sounds interesting? In this adventure you're a knight in a strange land filled with monsters, some are stronger than others. Your equipment is not that great at first, and as you go on with your adventure you'll be able to manage and craft better swords, shields and armour so you have a better chance of survival. After your level bar is full you can fight a boss, and if you defeat it you level up, so make sure your equipment is upgraded if you want to stand a chance. If you happen to be defeated your progress will restart from the last level you were on. How do you upgrade your weapons? That's actually the true game right there, as you go you'll receive chests that you can open, each chest has an item corresponding with the tab you're on, so for example if you are on the sword tab you'll receive a wooden sword, if you are on the armour tab you'll receive an armour. Match two items of the same type to get a better item, for example, if you match two wooden swords you'll get a wooden club, match two wooden clubs and you get a metal sword, and so on. To receive different items make sure you are on their corresponding tab, otherwise, you'll end up upgrading just one item. Merge dungeon is a fun survival game fit for everyone who wants a fun and casual game to play in their spare time. Click play and join the fun!
  • Good looking stylized 2D graphics
  • Fun gameplay 
  • Upgradable items
  • Really easy to learn and play

Data de lançamento: March 2021

Desenvolvedor: Merge Dungeon foi desenvolvido por BestGames

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