Girl Meets World: Middle School Mission
Girl Meets World: Middle School Mission
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Girl Meets World: Middle School Mission

Girl Meets World: Middle School Mission


Avaliação: 4.9
Riley has forgotten her science project at home. Can you help her out before the lunch break is over?

Are you looking for a free game to play online in your spare time? Are you also looking for a girl game that's not about dressing up or hairstyling? You're in luck, because from today on, you can play Girl Meets World: Middle School Mission!
In this game, Riley has forgotten to bring to school her history project. What kind of project was she working on, you may ask? A volcano! A replica of Mount Edna to be more exact. Mum and Auggie try to save the day by bringing Riley the project themselves, but unfortunately, the volcano has erupted along the way and spilled all the magma. Now Riley and her friend Maya are on a quest to fix the problem by trying to create more magma for the volcano in time for the history class. Will they succeed in gathering all the ingredients before the time runs out? Click Play and find out!
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  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Good storyline
  • Cool minigames
  • Easy to learn and play

Data de lançamento: August 2019

Desenvolvedor: Girl Meets World: Middle School Mission foi desenvolvido por Disney

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