Fly Car Stunt 3
Fly Car Stunt 3
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Fly Car Stunt 3

Fly Car Stunt 3


Avaliação: 4.2
Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to fly at insane speeds with Fly Car Stunt 3! Play this title for free right here at!

Are you on the lookout for a car game that's fun to play in both single and two-player modes? Well, if that's so, then your search for such a game ends here because now you can play Fly Car Stunt 3 right here at our website! In this online car game, you can play by yourself or you can invite a friend over and race each other in 2 players split-screen mode. The game's levels are tricky and challenging, one wrong move and you'll fly off the track, you'll respawn back roughly around the place you fell off from, but be careful, each track has a time limit, and if you fall off too many times you lose precious time and you won't reach the finish line. If you thought the first levels are challenging, wait until you encounter traps and cannons that are shooting at you while you try to finish the lap in time. So what do you say? Are you up for a challenge? If so the just go right ahead and hit that Play button and let's see what you're made of! If you enjoyed Fly Car Stunt 3 and you want to play even more games for free you're in the right place. With thousands of free computer games available at your fingertips, is a great place to explore and find out new titles to play!
  • Good looking 3D graphics
  • Intense and challenging levels
  • Available in 2 players split-screen mode
  • Simple controls

Data de lançamento: September 2019

Desenvolvedor: Fly Car Stunt 3 foi desenvolvido por RHM Interactive

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