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Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour


Avaliação: 4.5
Dirt bikes, extreme jumps, challenging tracks, and parkour stunts, this game has it all! Don't believe it? Come check it out! It's FREE!

Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour is a must-play title for all fans of dirt bike games out there. If you just love challenging tracks and performing stunts as you ride your trusty dirt bike then this game is just what you need. Rev your engine and get ready for some really cool and intense levels that will test your skills as you race against the clock. There are checkpoints along the track, so if you crash you can restart from the last checkpoint but this will add 2 extra seconds to your completion time. As you complete levels you'll earn money. Use them to buy other bikes and upgrades. So are you ready to show off your skills and conquer all the tracks this game has to offer? Hit the Play button and let's go!
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  • 3D graphics
  • Unlockable bikes
  • Challenging levels
  • Easy to learn controls

Data de lançamento: December 2021

Desenvolvedor: Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour foi desenvolvido por Hihoy Games