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Circuit Super Cars Racing

Circuit Super Cars Racing


Avaliação: 4.4

Looking for a new 3D racing challenge online? Then here on we give you our latest and exclusive game called Circuit Super Cars Racing games. Get ready to drive top view racing games in eight intense levels the game has to offer. Use arrow keys to drive and balance the unlocked super cars. And use space to hand brake the cars to make them slide. Race all levels qualify in first 3 positions to earn money and buy upgrades for your car. Install new engine, rims and tires on each car you own. To make it go faster and to be able to control it more easily. There are 3 cars in the game, buy the other 2 cars that are locked. The circuit cars are modified for track racing. Good acceleration amazing brakes that will stop you fast. Cut curves at high speed and pass your rivals to win first place. First place win will bring the most among of money, second will bring less and third place it's the last place to qualify, that will bring money. If you will finish in fourth place you will not win any money and you will have to repeat the current level. Test and compare different tires and engines that you will add them on your cars. When you are driving the different cars you must adjust to each setting, so do your best and prove you are the best driver online. Enjoy our free online exclusive 3D racing games and be the best driver from this new Circuit Super Cars Racing games. Also try our other similar truck games and monster truck games specially selected to have the best time online. Good luck and be the best! Have fun!

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