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Azure Sea Fishing

Azure Sea Fishing


Avaliação: 4.4
The more fish you catch, the more will get the money in the Azure Sea Fishing game. With this money, you can buy new bait, the boats, the fishing rods.

The Radar shows the location of the fish. You can reach by boat to the place with the fish and put the bait there. The border of the game world is marked by buoys.
Do not swim for the buoys. If you don't want to catch a lot of fish, but if you want to get a new fishing rod, or something else, you can simply browse ads. When the fish gets in your hook, then on the screen, in the upper right corner, the image will be fish.
Try to pull the fish out of the water. Pay attention to the line tension of the fishing line (on the right side of the screen). If the scale turns red, it means that the fish is very much pulling the fishing line and fishing line can break.