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Zombie Killer 3D

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Looking for the latest unity or 3D zombie shooting games? How about a zombie survive game? In this new Zombie Killer 3D games your mission is to survive and protect your town from all incoming waves of zombies. Prove your shooting skills online here on vitalitygames and use W,A,S,D to move mouse to aim. And kill all the bad zombies that are trying to infest your town. On the map in the right corner the land it's radioactive so don't go in there you will die. Try to keep yourself safe near the church and shoot from the distance the infested gun zombies. So have fun here on vitalitygames with some of the best online 3D unity action zombie games and survive to be the here on your town. Good luck and have fun!

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Use W,A,S,D, space bar and the mouse.

3d zombies apocalyptic infested survive unity 3d action unity shooting unity zombie games

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