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Jogabilidade: Grenade Madness

Sobre o jogo

Play online the latest 3d unity shooting multiplayer games on vitalitygames.com. Grenade Madness is a sci-fi multiplayer third person shooter where your objective is to neutralize your enemies using different types of grenade launchers, rockets, melee weapons and more. The game is designed for 4-8 players located in an arena with simple objective – to eliminate everyone. - Equip yourself with weapons that suit your game play style. Use power ups to neutralize your enemies easier. Use crate gun to build blocks and cage-up your enemies.Gain experience to unlock new weapons.To play the game use W,S,A,D - move Shift - walk Q - swap last weapon used T - score table 1,2,3 - change weapons y,x,c - power up keys Mouse: Left mouse Button - shoot, build blocks Scroll wheel - change weapons

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