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Ultimate Legend

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Play the free online game Ultimate Legend at vitalitygames.com. Click to play Ultimate Legend games for free online. Ultimate Legend it's a bran new flash fighting game. The game takes you back in the days, only the strongest men survived. No machines, no electronic devices, no internet tutorials. Only bare hands, an axe and that was it. Our bearded fellow is leaving his home for an adventure. What is waiting for him? Find this out on your own. But I can tell you one thing, it is not going to be anything nice. These days meant only one thing - very rough conditions. Get the key from the dinosaur in order to open the gate to the next level and do not die. And face all kind of threats arise in the region, bandit groups act at ease, an imperial rebellion is in the making, the current reign. The game offers thirty excellent levels. Have fun.

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  •  Z to attack and arrow keys to move.

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