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Transformers War

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Play online for free some of the best action war games with your favorite robots the transformer, here on vitalitygames.com. And see how good you are being a transformer! So play online for free Transformers War games here on vitality games. Use W,A,S,D or Arrows to move,Space or X to shoot,Ctrl or C to fly. The game story starts four years have passed since the Battle of Chicago and humanity has grown fearful of the Autobots and joint combat operations between them have been severed. With the aid of the Transformer bounty hunter Lockdown,Cemetery Wind, an elite organized CIA unit, is tasked with hunting down the remaining Decepticons, is also secretly hunting down Autobots. To protect themselves,transformers have to hide their tracks and disappear from the scene! Good luck and have fun!

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  •  WASD or Arrows to move,Spacebar or X to shoot,Ctrl or C to fly.

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