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Taiga Car Driver

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Do you like driving games? Have you ever wondered how it's like to transport various goods using a truck? If so then this game is right up your alley. In this 3D truck game  you'll get to drive a Kamaz truck on the icy roads of Siberia. If you like truck simulator games then you'll feel at home in this game. The graphics are beautiful and make the environment you'll play through seem believable, and also you'll have to keep your tank full of gas if you don't want to become stuck in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold. You also have to possibility to upgrade and customize your truck using the money you earn during your transport missions, so make sure you do that for a better chance to survive the this harsh environment.
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Great looking level design
  • Options for vehicle customization
  • Responsive controls
Release Date
August, 2019
Taiga Car Driver was developed by Falco Software
Content Rating

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  •  Drive
     Enter Car
     Switch Items
     Enter Buildings
     Switch Camera
     Enlarge Maps
     Switch Lights
     Pause The Game

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