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Spiral Drive

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Spiral Drive is an innovative Real Time Strategy game for iPad and Android tablets but you can play it online to on your computer. Play online Spiral Drive for free here on vitalitygames.com along with some of the best defense and strategy space games. Take command of a war fleet and battle in space against brilliant astronauts. Capture the space stations that are under control by your opponent. Strengthen and upgrade your forces strategically. Go back and forth between between bringing your ships together for defense and spreading your forces out to capture more stations. Features available in the game: Intuitive touch controls, Epic space battles, Strategic game-play that balances defense and offense, Challenging 25-mission single player campaign, Quick Battle' mode with randomized maps and opponents ,Detailed 3D rendered art projected onto a 2D isometric view, Beautiful space backgrounds, High resolution 'Retina' graphics. So have fun use your skills and act swiftly: your enemy will not wait for you. Can you achieve victory in Spiral Drive? Good luck and have fun!

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  •  Use mouse to play the game,

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