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San Francisco Skyscrapers Racing

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I think we all love racing and the city life. We have come to create a brand new type of racing in San Francisco and you will surely love it! You can now enjoy racing above the city on our skyscrapers racing circuit. Control your car by using the arrow keys. There are 8 tracks to enjoy the racing on but you will have to be careful to gather gold and score time records. Through the 8 levels you will be able to increase your score by gathering the coins we have set for you around the track. Also, you can refill your nitro bottle. Launching your nitro can be tricky because it can make you fly and miss out on the track and coins. Have fun playing our new game: San Francisco Skyscrapers Racing! Enjoy the brand new type of racing that we have created for you. Try to get as many coins as you can to get your score higher. Keep your nitro bottle filled up and collect power ups you will find through the track. Press X to activate it. If you find it hard to pass from a skyscraper to another, try using your nitro for a crazy boost. Have a blast playing this exciting game called San Francisco Skyscraper Racing!

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