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Raze 3

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If you are a big fan on free online Apocalyptic shooting games,and you are searching for a new intense action pack game. Then we have a good news for you the third version of the famous Raze sequel it's released. Play online for free this new fresh and addicting Raze 3 games here on vitalitygames.com. The Raze 3 has a rating of 95% after 38 votes, that means it's a very cool game. So let's get started and see how can you manage to to survive the war with your buddies. All started 10 years ago, the Alien invasion left Earth in ashes. Humanity began building civilizations in the skies while repairs continue on the ground. The military devised Express Training Programs to quickly and cheaply train soldiers. Strength is numbers. This is where your story begins. Raze 3 is the sequel to Raze and Raze 2. They thought it was over, but it was only the beginning. Once again, you have to fight to save human race, or die trying. There are 50 weapons, 14 abilities, 18 perks, 24 characters and more. Are you ready for a quick training, soldier? I hope you are, because your enemies won't let anything pass. Have a lot of fun with Raze 3.

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  •  Use arrow keys to move, mouse to aim and shoot.Crt and F key to hit with your sword.

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