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Prince Of Persia

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Prince of Persia is a new free online classic adventure game.If you are looking for some new classic adventure games to have some fun online for free, here on vitalitygames we preset you a game, or a legend if I may say of classic adventure games. Prince of Persia its a classic game played i thing by many of us a long time ago when flash games were simple graphic games with simple missions and quests.Jump over gaps, attack enemies, climb walls and rewind time as you try to avoid a nasty death in this fast-paced platformers. Use wisely your keys boards and think before acting press shift to walk carefully and up arrow to jump.Climb the walls and watch out for the traps and spikes. Prove your skills in this free online classic adventure game and finish all levels having a blast with this Prince of Persia game.Good Luck!

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  •  Move/jump
     Jump In Front

Use arrow keys to move jump, press SPACE to jump in front, press SHIFT to walk slowly.

adventure attack classic climb walls death fight gaps kill prince strategy

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