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Plane Highjack Mayhem

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If you like plane or airplane games, and you are looking for a new intense challenge online, then try this new fun and nice looking game called Plane Highjack Mayhem games. Test your flying skills in an awesome game! Your mission is to fly an airplane and destroy all the enemies in the air. You can use your arrow keys to steer your plane, your Z key to brake and your space bar to shoot. In each level you have a certain target of enemies to destroy, make sure you reach it in order to win the game. Of course you will need ammo for that, so collect it from falling parachutes. You will also have to keep an eye on your fuel level and refill it whenever it goes down. Do not get hit by the enemy missiles or crash into any planes because you will damage your own aircraft. There is also a power up to help you regenerate. The armor will protect you, so make sure you have it. During each level you can also collect coins that you can use afterwards to buy some awesome upgrades, like speed, health, ammo or damage. There are eight very intense levels available for you to play, each of them being more challenging than the previous ones, so stay focused! Have a wonderful time playing Plane High jack Mayhem!

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