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Moto X3X 2

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On www.vitalitygames.com. you can now find this game named Moto X3X 2. Does your dose of adrenaline needs a push beyond boundaries? Well you're in the right place then. Filled with all kinds of traps and tricky obstacles this game makes your blood pump faster than the usual. In this cold forgotten place you must jump over the helicopters as your path explodes behind you. Also you have to bounce over the sharpen blades but be careful not to fall right into them. As you progress in the game, things are getting complicated, barriers are more demanding and you have to pay more attention to them. It's like you're in a movie with James.. James Bond! Do your best and try not to kill the driver! Have a great game!

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  •  Use arrow keys and space to continue.

moto x3x 2

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