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Monster Truck Drag Racers

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Welcome to a world where super monster trucks are the best thing that could happen to you! Monster Truck Drag Racers is now available here on www.vitalitygames.com.
Join the rush of adrenaline rising in this amazing car racing game. The world's best drag racer title has been snatched from you so gear up and search real revenge as you join speedy driving quests across the globe. Challenge your skills in every corner of the world in this online racing game here on VitalityGames.com.
You are equipped with some pretty good damn monster trucks that you will be compete with. This new game "Monster Truck Drag Racers" is assemble into five days with ten difficult levels for each other. You need to be vigilant and do whatever you can to beat your opponent, because if you don't then you will lose.
Give your best and impress your friends. Good luck!
Monster Truck Drag Racers was developed by BrightestGames
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