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Mine Clone

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Play online for free this adventure game called Mine Clone. if you are looking for the latest 3D Mine Clone games to play try some of them on vitalitygames. Where you can play similar game like Mine Clone. In Mine Clone games you are placed in a strange world or land. Your mission is to explore the landscape and unlock its mysteries in this from this new adventure game. Use W,A,S,D to move. Press L/R keys to build/remove. Press E to open inventory.Use space to jump and scroll to change the weapon. So have fun and as you now many secrets awaits you are you smart enough to find them all? enjoy this new multiplayer game and good luck!

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  •  Move
     Scroll / Change Weapon

WASD = moveL/R-MOUSE = build/remove, E = inventory, SPACE = Jump, SCROLL= change weapon.

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