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Last Wood

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Looking for the latest 3D unity online craft & survival games! Try this new online Last Wood games for free on vitalitygames.com. In Last Wood games you are 2 people left on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Survive in the middle of the ocean where you will constantly attack by sharks. Get food and other raw materials. The main task is to find out how to survive. The lemon tree is a big help for that to grow fast. Build up your raft, get rid of sharks and later on take care of the new born. Last Wood is still a demo but is in developing now, so make sure you check for any updates if you like the game! To play the game use Left Click On Survivor: Observe Status and Focus on Character. Use left and right clip for Assign Task / Open Bill / Check Storage and Unselect Blueprint. Press C to Reset Camera Position. R for Rotate Blueprint. From 1 to 9 switch focused floor. (You need to focus on a certain floor to build on that floor. ) And the last Escape: System Panel ( auto save setting, low graphics setting, save/load, restart, quit)

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  •  Assign Task / Open Bill / Check Storage
     Unselect BluePrint
     Rotate BluePrint
     Pause (But You Can Still Operate)
     Switch Focused Floor
     Reset Camera Position

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