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Jail Break Mania

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Looking online for a new driving and parking challenge?To perfect your driving skills, then here on vitalitygames we got the latest driving and car parking game from Greatcargames. Prove your skills in this new exclusive game here on vitalitygames and have fun playing it. Your mission is to escape from jail in this thrilling new game! Your timing has to be perfect if you want to succeed though, so do not waste any second! Get in the car and drive towards freedom, without getting caught by the guards or their lights. Crashing your car is just another way for you to get back to jail, so use your great skills to drive and park your vehicle. Try to complete all the levels successfully! So have fun here with free online driving and parking game and master your driving skills in becoming the best car driver from this new jail break mania games. Good luck and have fun!

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  •  Use your arrow keys to drive, your space bar to brake and your Enter key to get in the car.

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