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Extreme Tuning Championship

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Looking for a new 2D car circuit racing challenge online? Try this new intense and addictive super car racing game called Extreme Tuning Championship here on VitalityGames. Use arrow keys to drive and space bar to handbrake and make the cars slide on the circuit. Cut curves and speed up so that you overcome your rivals. The game offers you 3 cars. The first one is for you to race for free and the other 2 are locked but you will be able to unlock them during the game. Race all levels and qualify in first 3 positions to earn money. If this will happen you'll be able to buy engine, rims and tires upgrades for your car. The circuit cars are modified for track racing. Good acceleration, amazing brakes that will stop you fast. The lower your rank will be, the lower the prize you'll receive. Try not to finish fourth because that means you will have to repeat the current level. Test and compare different tires and engines so that you find the perfect combination and the racing car that suits you best. Be the best racer online. Have lots of fun!

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  •  Use arrow keys to drive. Space bar to handbrake.

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