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Extreme Air Wars

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looking for a new challenge online with some war games with planes and air planes. Here on vitalitygames your daily source of free online games we have prepared a new game called Extreme Air Wars games. Do you think you are skilled enough to handle it? Use your arrow keys to fly your airplane and your space bar to shoot. You have a minimum target of enemies you have to destroy each turn in order to complete the level. Always keep your eyes on the health bar, because you will lose the level if you destroy the airplane. This can happen if the enemies shoot at you or drop bombs. You should also watch out for your fuel level, because your plane will crash if you run out. But you can always pick up both health and fuel power ups along the way. You can also get as many coins as possible to increase your score and tokens which you can use later on to buy some upgrades. Improve both the looks of your aircraft and its performance. Make your health and fuel levels go down slower, more ammo and greater speed. pro yourself and be the best plane driver online and from this new Extreme Air Wars games. Try our other free online 3D unity plane games on vitalitygames and good luck!

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