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Ex Sniper

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Looking for the latest action and shooting games online? To play for free and have some fun. Then here on vitalitygames we give you this new fun and addicting sniper game called Ex Sniper games. In Ex Sniper games you will play as a sniper soldier and your mission is to rescue all the hostage from a site, and kill all the terrorists. Each terrorist you kill will give you points. If you kill a terrorist when he runs, then you get more points and money. Witch you can use to upgrade your guns and ammunition. When first playing the game use arrow keys to steer the player. Press W to zoom in on your gun and have a better view in distance. Press X to change guns. So prove your skills in this first person shooter and eliminate all the terrorists to be able to unlock new levels. Shoot fast and reload faster to be able to face your enemies. So have fun online here on vitalitygames with some of the best 3d unity action shooting games and be the best player from this new Ex Sniper games. Good luck and have fun!

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