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Epic War TD 2

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Looking for the latest and most action packed Tower Defense game available online ported from the famous mobile series Epic War? Well look no further, here on www.vitalitygames.com we offer you "Epic Ward TD 2".In this realistic Tower Defense game your job as the fleet commander is to deploy assault towers in the path of your enemies to destroy them.The more you kill the more stars and more money you get.ts. After winning every round a derived stars to unlock new defensive towers.Your arsenal is very diverse as your research team will produce along the way towers like:Vulcan, Plasma, Laser and other deadly weapons meant to stop your enemies.The waves of enemies will consist of fighter legionnaires, assault mechs and other war machines that will try to put an end to your reign over the peaceful lands.So what are you waiting for? Grab your uniform, ready your weapons and prove that you are the best army commander this realistic tactical defense game only here on www.vitalitygames.com!

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  •  Control of the game: mouse, zoom in / zoom out - mouse wheel, Pause - Esc

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