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Duel Of Tanks

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Duel of Tanks is online on www.vitalitygames.com. Gain experience, level up and unlock new weapons to master a your opponents! Have fun! Ride your tank, aim your cannon, and shoot your opponent in this awesome turn-based multiplayer shooting / artillery game – Duel of Tanks! Challenge an opponent from across the globe on a one on one tank duel and overpower your opponent to win! Duel of Tanks is a fun turn-based artillery duel where you take control of a versatile tank capable of firing dozens of various kinds of ammunition. This turn-based strategy action game focuses on multiplayer 1v1 PVP battle. Adjust your angle and your power to aim at your opponent properly. Choose a different ammo and inflict the most damage before the 5th turn ends! Earn experience, level up, earn cash, and use it to buy new equipment! Fight against real people from across the globe and be the superior tank pilot

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