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Control The Ball

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Play online this great game here on vitalitygames.com. Keep your ball in the air and collect all the pills. A fun, challenging arcade game for kids, teens and grownups that requires very steady key control and super-quick reactions! Control the Ball is an extremely tricky online "ball control" maze game where you have to guide a constantly oscillating, momentum-based ball through a series of undulating 3D mazes. This may well be one of the most addicting arcade games you are likely to have played for a while! Set in a futuristic environment, you must navigate through each board-style maze with the utmost care and skill. If ever there was a game designed to thoroughly examine your light touch, deftness, dexterity and reaction speed all in one, this is it! Unless you are a complete game whiz-kid or a space-age robot, prepare to be tested to the absolute max! Have fun!

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  •  Use arrow keys to move the ball. Space to jump

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