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Casino Gangsta Rush

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Get ready for a classic gangsta driving challenge! The most attractive place for a real gangster like you is Las Vegas, obviously. The city of lights has everything you need: money, casinos and cool cars but you are planning to make some serious money by robbing the biggest casinos in town. Gather chips on your way and upgrade the getaway car after each level. You can upgrade your acceleration, speed, NOS power, NOS duration and increase the amount of ammo you can carry. In each level you will have to choose between playing slots or roulette with the chips you collected that level. Be careful because your goal is to make money not spend them and gambling can multiply your money or leave you broke. It is important to gather bullets because you cannot rob a casino without a gun. Use the gun to take out the security guards and get away with the loot. Ride through the city like you own it and impress everyone with your cool classic car. Use the arrow keys to control your car and the X key to activate the Nitrogenous Oxide Systems and boost your top speed. So have the best time online and be the best driver online from this new Casino Gangsta Rush games! Good luck and have fun!

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