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Car Carrier Trailer 4

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Car Carrier Trailer 4 it's a new free online delivery game. Play it online here on vitalitygames.com along with some of the best free online car games. Car carrier trailers are amazing, they are very big and only the most skilled of drivers are able to safely control them through the city. In this game you will have to prove you are one of them in eight intense levels. You can use your arrow keys to drive and your space bar to brake. Park your truck safely and then take three cars and park them in the trailer. But before you do that, you need some money to pay, so park in the front of the bank with your first vehicle and withdraw money using your Z key. Once all three cars are in the trailer, drive your truck out of town. There are three areas in which you get to play and as you advance in the game things will become more challenging. You will have to pay extra attention in the later levels and use your smarts to take the best road, not the closest. Be fast and finish each level before the time runs out and do not crash any of your vehicles because you could damage them and lose the game. In the upper part of the screen you can see your health bar, your timer and your current level. Do your best become the best driver online and have the best time! Good luck!

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