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Brute Arena

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Play online the latest PVP arena fighting games on Vitalitygames.com and enjoy the thrill and the adrenaline the game Brute Arena brings. Build and develop your brute's abilities by getting the best weapons and slaying your rivals. Customize your hero to feats your play style and go against the most fierce warriors and beat them all to be gladiator from the arena. And enjoy this point and click action game to have a blast online.
Release Date
June 2018
Brute Arena was made by DMND Games
  • Nice looking graphics with simple fighting animations.
  • PVP match against a random opponent in a space arena.
  • Customize the fighter's hair by picking your favorite style.
  • After each win you will get a reward in the box.
  • A lot of weapons and equipments to use.

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