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Backyard Smithing

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Backyard Smithing is a fun crafting old school simulator game, play it online on vitalitygames.com!On the backyard of the house in this online simulator there is a modern smithy. Play as a blacksmith and create a masterpiece of blacksmithing. If possible, of course. After all, forge labor is not so simple, even if it is the modern world with its improvements.It is necessary to kindle a fire, fan the flame well and let it go, waiting for it to go out. Otherwise, you will have to start all the work from the beginning. Heat iron, beat off with a hammer, immerse the forged object in water to cool. Yes, finish the work until the end, and then admire your product.It seems that everything is simple. But it's worthwhile to work in the blacksmith's simulator, so that everything will turn out to be not the first time. Enjoy the best free online blacksmith and crafting games for free on vitalitygames and have fun! Good luck!

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