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We all like car games here at! In fact, most of our Exclusive Games are car games as well. Once in a while, there comes a game series that you just can't ignore because it's that good! One of those series is Scrap Metal. 

If you are often on the lookout for free car games to play online in your spare time you might have come across one or two titles from this series. If you haven't by now, well, this is the best time and place to get started. Each of these games features detailed graphics, unique car models, and responsive controls which elevate the gaming experience to the next level. 

Each game in the Scrap Metal series has been carefully crafted with the intention to be amongst the best games out there and it shows. Each game is feature-rich and offers lots of possibilities for the player to play exactly however they want. Every car is highly customizable, giving you much control over your gaming experience. If you are a fan of car games and car simulator games are your bread and butter you just know you can't pass up on Scrap Metal! 

What Are The Scrap Metal Games?

In the Scrap Metal series, you get to have tons of fun! Drive cool cars all around a big world where you can go anywhere you want. Switch between different cars whenever you feel like it, and do awesome tricks using ramps and loops scattered around. The cars look super cool with lots of details, making it a really fun game to play and explore. Enjoy the freedom to drive, race, and create your own exciting adventures!

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