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Tumble! The Little Girl

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Little girl walking in the woods nothing alone, but they do not usually listen to stories and thus happen, like the one that occurred in the game Tumble! The Little Girl. Our heroine - a little girl in a red kerchief, she decided to repeat the feat of the infamous Red Riding Hood and take pies beloved grandmother, who lives behind the forest. The little girl could easily go bypassing the forest thicket, but it would take twice as long, so the baby moved directly through the forest on a shorter road. The sun was shining, birds chirping, and the girl have fun running on the track. But suddenly in the bushes she saw the glint of evil green eyes of a predator, they closely followed the traveler, and waited for the right moment to attack. The girl was so frightened that stumbled and dropped the basket of food. She rolled away far beyond the bushes, and the little one is afraid to pull away, so as not to detect its presence. It's time to you to intervene in Tumble! The Little Girl and help the heroine to find and pick up the basket, if it will find animals, the girl will be nothing to carry granny. Move beauty, but admit that it is stopped by a gray wolf, squirrel can not be afraid, but do not let a red basket to cheat, otherwise it will devastate her. Control your mouse or finger, if the touch screen. If you do not have a desktop computer or laptop, do not worry, puzzle Tumble! The Little Girl reproduce without problems on your tablet or smartphone and you will spend great time. Note that the movement of the characters in a straight line to the first got the barriers so plan moves ahead, to protect the main character out of trouble.

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