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The Hobbit: Spiders Of Mirkwood

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Looking for a new fun and addicting unity 3D action hobbit game? Then here on Vitalitygames we give you The Hobbit:Spiders of Mirkwood games. In The Hobbit: Spiders of Mirkwood your mission starts with the dwarfs that are webbed with in the forest of Mirkwood. Jump through the threes to cut down all 13 dwarfs before it's to late. Collect and throw stones at the spiders to stun then. Activate the power of the ring to become invisible but beware this will drain your health. Swing your sword to kill stun spiders and free trapped dwarfs. Have fun here on Vitalitygames with some of the best upcoming movies game. And enjoy playing games with dwarfs. Good luck with the levels.

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