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The Avengers: Captain America

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Play the Marvel: Captain America game to gather intel and defeat the forces of evil.Looking for the latest AVENGERS ASSEMBLE games online? Well look no further! here on vitalitygames.com we have the most awesome and always the newest MARVEL AVENGERS adventures.In this game you will have to aid Captain America while he runs on the rooftops of the city to cleanse it of the Evil Force minions.On your way you will find Avengers Orbs from which you can summon other Avengers like Thor, Ironman, the Incredible Hulk and other to aid you in your quest.Double Jump over tall buildings and dash towards your enemies to anihilate them.Well what are you waiting for ? Jump right into the action and as allways have fun on vitalitygames.com

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  •  Use arrow keys and mouse to play the game.

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