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Shrek Ogre Resistance Renegade

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Our main hero of the famous animated film Shrek returns in the new exciting game: Shrek Ogre Resistance Renegade! This new game is free online at vitalitygames.com. Now our brave ogre Shrek is going towards new adventures and you should help him to overcome all troubles on his way!Help Shrek on his mission to find Rumpelstiltskin's Castle!The game is based on the final chapter of the well-known saga about the kind monster, Shrek 4 Forever After! Therefore you are going to greet and play with the characters of the universal appeal cartoon and will not notice how the time passes! The game has 3 levels/maps. Collect all treasures, and attack enemies.Participate in the new Shrek's adventures! It's not time yet to say goodbye to him!Good luck!

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shrek ogre resistance

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