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Frontgamers Western Front 1914

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Frontgamers Western Front 1914 it's a new shockwave action shooting game developed by Miniclip. You can play the game online for free here on vitalitygames.com along with all best awarded Miniclip games. In this new World War II action shooting game your mission is to take on all the army of your enemies. Make your way through the ruins of the buildings and eliminate all armed soldiers. Use arrow keys to control your player and mouse to shoot. Collect ammo, cash and many more stuff in your way to be able to survive. Get better guns and use S to collect them from the ground.Try to have something a little stronger than a pistol when you meet this tank in our new game, Western Front 1914. Do your best and be the best elite unit from this new Frontgamers Western Front 1914 games. And enjoy our online Miniclip award games collection! Good luck and have fun!

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