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Crazy Monster Truck Escape

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Crazy Monster Truck Escape game is all about adventurous escape that's full of adrenal boosting thrill. You need to try to avoid police capture.Players speed through traffic in monster trucks, evading oncoming cars and police spike strips and collecting power-ups to reach a certain distance goal.Nitro pushes your truck at almost double speed so you can run more distance in a shorter time.You can hold only one nitro at a time and once you get out of it, you have to pick them again.Jumps enables you to avoid any obstacles coming on your escape. You can't jump vehicles like dumpers or trucks. You gain this power on your way out of the city. You can have maximum 5 jumps in a game, so use them wisely.Hope you're going to have fun at Vitality Games! Here there are plenty of free online games.Good luck!

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