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Burnin Rubber Cartapult

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Enjoy a new episode from the famous series of Burnin Rubber car driving games. It is called Burnin Rubber Cartapult and is a bit different from the other games! Click to play now live online on Vitalitygames.com this fun and awesome destruction car game.
You are set on the rooftop of one of the tallest building, and got 3 cars and one catapult. It is your chance to create chaos in the city. Aim the cars from the catapult and make sure your smash the cars in other larger trucks, vans to make them explode and make a lot of damage all around the area. As you will see in the game is will be difficult to keep the cars in the air long enough. You ave only a few tries so do everything you can. Add the explosive barrels to the cars to make more damage. Enjoy this fun epic arcade game with nice looking graphics and simple controls.
Qualify for the top players base on you score and achievements. And have fun with this fun miniclip 3D game for free here online on Vitalitygames.com. Good luck!
Release Date
August, 2018
  • Nice looking 3D graphics.
  • Catapult 3 different cars and explosive barrels to do more damage in the area.
  • Awesome animations, effects and sounds.
  • The more damage you create the more points you will earn.
  • Leaderboard.
Games in this series
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Developed by Miniclip
Web browser.

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  •  Catapult Rotation
     Fire Car
     Barrel Loading
     Barrel Explosion

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