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Brawl Of Justice

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Brawl of Justice game is part of fighting games selection. Do you like figths? Have you ever dreamed about beeing a fighter? Now you can. In this game you can choose your fighter. You have to held off enough time the genomorphs for the team to escape. The battle is hard enough because you must fight all alone despite the fact the genomorphs are dozens. Meanwhile, you have to collect the capsules to recover your health. Defeating enemies you earn experience points and fill your super metter.Vitality Games offers you the opportunity to save a hole team by yourself. What a great honor, isn't it?Brawl of Justice is a free online game. You can play for as long as you want, day and night.To play these game you need the arrows and z-quick attack;x-heavy attack punch;c-fire or throw attack.Have fun and plasy around with some friends!

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